Personal Review of MoreTubeViews

The Review

Hi guys! This is just my quick review on the site, which is a website that sells high quality and fast delivering YouTube views, likes, comments, subscribers and also favorites. 

I have been ordering from them for about 3 months now, and have been extraordinarily pleased with their service, simply because it actually works, unlike the other sites, and because of how quick they get all the orders done. Not only that, but if I ever have any questions or anything I get a response from them within 12 hours usually, sometimes its within 10 minutes because they have someone sat at their computer all day with email open responding to emails. 

Well what exactly did I buy? Well the first thing I bought off them was 1,000 video views when they were offering it, which they no longer do for some reason, and was impressed with how quick they were at getting it done. I then went on to get about 25,000 video views, along with likes and subscribers, and ever since have been buying about 10,000 views at least every 2 weeks off them.

Score: 5/5 - Awesome customer services, and amazing service! 
Look at my testimonial below for more info!